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24/7 Vet Care From Anywhere? Yes! 

Walnut Creek Veterinary Clinic has partnered with the new airVet app to make it easy for our clients to connect with a veterinarian within minutes anytime, anywhere—and the first call is FREE! 

airVet veterinarians may be your own local vet or a doctor at another location who is available at that time. You can use airVet for: 

• behavioral questions 
• general health/medical questions 
• basic follow-ups 
• finding out if an office visit is necessary 
• after-hours calls 

Here’s the steps to get started: 

1. Download airVet from the Apple app store or Google Play 
2. Select your home hospital when prompted 
3. Select your primary veterinarian from the list 
4. Start a call and test it out! 

Have questions about airVet? Just give us a call at 402-505-5445

Download the airVet App!

Download in the Apple App Store
Download to App on Google Play