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Dr. Alex Dempsey

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Dr. Alex Dempsey

Dr. Alex Dempsey

Dr. Alex Dempsey Fear Free Certified

Dr. Alex Dempsey is from Omaha, Nebraska. She has loved animals her entire life, so a career in veterinary medicine was an easy decision for her. She attended the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, and in 2019, completed her veterinary medicine degree at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Iowa State University. Helping animals and building trusting relationships with the families who love them is important to her.

Because of her love and respect for wildlife and exotic animals, she volunteers with Nebraska Wildlife Rehab in her free time. She also likes to bake and spend time with her family, go horseback riding, and hike and fish with her husband Cory.

Her pets include Bodi, an Irish Setter, Winnie, an English Setter, and her horse Red.